Interlude #9 matt

Matt: What would be a good name for a Matthew Perry character?
Erin: Hmmmmm.
Matt: It can only be Matt, I would argue.
Erin: Carl.
Matt: CARL?
Erin: Yup.
Matt: Bullshit!
Erin: Why is it bullshit?
Matt: Because Carls are, like, overweight police officers who are black.
Erin: You are sooooooooooo wrong.
Erin: Carls are middle-aged middle-class white guys who hate their jobs.
Matt: Name some famous Carls!
Erin: Oh. Hmm.
Erin: I can’t.
Erin: Fine.
Matt: So a Carl could never be an award-winning comedy writer.
Erin: What about Joel?
Matt: Joel.
Matt: I guess that could work.
Erin: It could!
Erin: Or Jack?
Matt: Jack is more of a tough guy name. There’s no comedy there.
Erin: Wait.
Matt: What?
Erin: That science guy was a Carl.
Matt: Which science guy?
Erin: valium order online uk SAGAN
Erin: He was brilliant.

NCAA Men’s Final Four: Mini-Analysis erin

When one looks at the Final Four bracket, one can see it’s been a pretty uneventful year: two number one seeds (Florida and Ohio State) and two number 2 seeds (Georgetown and UCLA). In a sport where everyone loves an underdog, the seeds were pretty much bang on, and these teams all but coasted to the Final Four.

Still, the Final Four is one of the most exciting sporting events in North America. College basketball has exploded, and the skill level and excitement level found at these games is unprecedented. Besides, what other collegiate sport has Facebook appropriating a community-wide tool for betting on the national championship? Florida State even has a class called the Final Four Experience. What do they do? Go to the Final Four for course credit! Jealous? You bet I am!

This is my first year in five years with cable, and I have loved every minute of it. (Not just for the cheesy reality shows either!) I’ve been rusty on the analysis, but here is my–brief– take on what is going to go down this in this year’s Final Four:


America’s Next Top Model: Cycle 8, Episode 5 erin

“The Girl Who Takes Credit” spoilers below:


Six Things Heroes Needs to Do to Avoid Becoming Lost matt

Did anyone expect Heroes to really be any good? It’s a show that showed up like a joke last summer: a straightforward superhero drama with a sprawling cast. Such a thing had never been done before, outside of maybe Fox’s The Tick (and that’s a stretch) and Smallville (which is just stupid). To most everyone with a brain or a TV blog (or, in rare cases, both) — including most of those who saw the interesting-but-not-mind-blowing pilot — Heroes being a quick cancellation seemed self-evident.

But somewhere between then and now, Heroes has broken all the rules. It started its goodwill tour early, with glimpses of cool Tim Sale artwork and positive, if wary, buzz surrounding the first few episodes. As we moved into November Sweeps, each episode brought with it a little more promise, and a little more interest from fans, both hardcore “I can tell you exactly which X-Men Characters all of these Heroes are based on” comic book fans and the less nerd-traversed, who merely felt kind of proud of themselves for catching Stan Lee’s Cameo.

The series is currently in a spring hiatus, returning in April for a run of episodes that will conclude the season. Despite the delay, hype surrounding the series is at a continual high, particularly on the internet. The requisite unofficial blogs and message board threads continue to buzz with every glimpse at coming plots and potential spoilers.

Taken together, it’s a very familiar scenario for a TV show, given just a couple of years ago the very same internet community was going nuts over another little show with a lot of geek-cred: Lost.

House: Season 3, Episode 16 erin

“Top Secret” spoilers below: