24: Season Six, Episode 20 matt

Spoilers for “1 a.m. to 2 a.m.” below.


Contemporary Life and The Importance of Armageddon matt

So Erin and I, because we’re totally cool, spent last night watching the classic Michael Bay Classic Armageddon. I used ‘classic’ twice in that last sentence because the film is truly ‘classic’ in two ways. First, it is capital-C Classic, as proven both by its inclusion into the Criterion Collection and also by the fact that here we are, ten years later, and I’m still writing about Armageddon. Second, it’s ‘classic’ in that utterly classy way, in that this is the sort of film that is, I would argue, unabashedly perfect. So perfect, in fact, that it captured one of the most hard-to-capture eras of my generation. Like it or not, Armageddon is a Buy viagra online pharmacy definitive film. And there is no stronger evidence to the fact that there have been quite literally dozens of films that tried to work the exact same formula (both before and after Michael Bay’s opus) and none of them have achieved anywhere near the same degree of notoriety or space in the collective pop culture pantheon.

No matter what they throw at us — whether it be tornados or volcanos or giant monsters or a boat turned upside down — nothing has ever had a greater impact than this asteroid that was, and I quote, “the size of texas.”

All that said, of course, it’s a really bad film.


The Amazing Race: All-Stars, Episode 11 erin

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The Office: Season 3, Episode 20 matt

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