Canada’s Next Top Model: Cycle 2, Episode 1 erin

“The Girls Meet Jay” spoilers below:


House: Season 3, Episode 24 erin

“Human Error” spoilers below:


Weekend Box Office Analysis for the Week of Pirates 3 matt

Another week, another exciting weekend! As I said last week, all of this is culled from independent and, I hope, verifiable research, and not from the box office report. I don’t even know what that site is.


Canada’s Next Top Model: Cycle 2, Preview erin

Okay. I think I’m sick of Top Model. Between Australia’s Next Top Model on Youtube, the occasional Britain’s Next Top Model on Star! and two cycles on ANTM this season, I can probably predict the happenings of each episode of the second cycle of CNTM. However, I won’t. Jay is promising us this season will be a zillion times better than the first season on CNTM, which, well, flopped. The girls are better, the host is better (I’m really excited to see Jay outside his Tyra’s bitch mode!), the judges are better — what can go wrong?


My early picks (based solely on their CityTV pictures because there is nothing of interest in their bios) are Tia as the early front-runner and Rebecca as the underdog who constantly surprises as the final two. What about you?


Studio 60: Season 1, Episode 17 matt

Spoilers for “The Disaster Show” below.