What Digg Dugg #2 matt

Once again, it’s digg! Digg.com, to be exact. Let’s see what’s in the internet news this week.


PC Software Sales & ExtremeTech’s PC Gaming ‘Myths’ matt

This week an article from the website ExtremeTech titled Five PC Gaming Myths written by one Jason Cross circulated around the net. Cross attempted to ‘expose’ common myths people hold about PC gaming. I, personally, was not aware that PC gaming had afforded itself any kind of mythic status: it’s not like people speak of PC gaming in excited tones, and the news passes from friend to incredulous friend. “Did you hear that PC gaming is really expensive?” is hardly on the same level of “Did you hear about the sniper who shot a guy with an ice bullet? There was no evidence!”

But whatever, I’m sure there are some people out there who have been misinformed about PC gaming. In the forever-raging console-versus-PC war that goes on both in print and on message boards everywhere, there’s bound to be a fair bit of bad info being spread around. And while writing five pages to ‘expose’ these supposed myths isn’t exactly what I would call admirable, it certainly got some attention, so I guess it was a worthwhile venture.

There is a problem with the article, however, and it’s a rather big one: almost everything Cross writes across his five pages of debunking is wrong. By working to expose myths about PC gaming, ExtremeTech has inadvertantly resulted in even more myths getting spread. It’s a bit like deciding you’re going to dress up and fight crime, but then accidentally beating up senior citizens and robbing a liquor store. Your intentions are good but, seriously, how’d you manage to screw up that badly?

Let’s start from the beginning.


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