House: Season 4, Episode 4

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Spoilers for “Guardian Angels” below:

Things that happened

In a personal aside that means nothing, I’m falling out of love with television. I don’t know if it’s because my favorite shows are letting me down or what, but I didn’t recap a single show last week (save Project Runway) and that makes me a bad, bad person. For this, I am sorry. But I probably won’t try harder.

On House, House is still trying to decide his three new fellows. Their latest patient is an Eastern European cosmetologist who works at a funeral home. Oh, and she sees dead people and has seizures. The diagnosis process involves blonde bitch harassing brunette bitch, the old guy being brilliant and fighting with the less-brilliant plastic surgeon, House harassing religious boy because he has a son digging up a dead body and House deciding that he is Charlie from Charlie’s Angels. In the end, it’s not some awesome truly dead-people-seeing disease, but rather ergot poisoning, which has been undocumented for 50 years but acts like LSD. She was “trippin’.”

Foreman is having a really rough time getting a job, thanks to the debacle at Mercy. After several interviews — in which he always manages to react the wrong way when it comes to the Mercy question — Cuddy convinces Foreman to come back and be House’s baby-sitter.

In the other side plot of the evening, House and Cameron make a bet as to whether he could push religious boy over the edge. In the end, Cameron wins because religious boy totally punches House in the face. House deserved it. It is important to note that this punch was egged on by a soulless Cameron, who apparently will step outside her moral box to win a bet and prove House wrong.

Things that were good

  • I’m glad this was a diagnosis that fell into the realm of “rare disease” and not one of those cop-out diagnoses that have been handed out all season.
  • The many, many pop culture references. House should reference as many television shows — then act them out at his will — every day.
  • I’m glad Foreman is back.
  • Some of the new fellow applicants — brunette bitch, religious guy and guy from 24 — are shaping up to be interesting characters who would add colour to Princeton-Plainsboro. Yes, blonde bitch would add colour too, but I hate her. Yes, hate.

Things that were not so good

    Foreman is returning to a three-year fellowship position after a three year tenure. The discontinuity of the original job description that Cameron, Chase and Foreman all had and how it played out last season and this season angers me. It also angers m,e that last year, Cuddy offered Foreman his own diagnostic TEAM and this year all she is doing is offering him his job back.
  • I’m afraid that once the new team is hired, one of two things is going to happen: 1) it’ll be Cameron, Chase and Foreman again, which undermines the past 10 episodes; or 2) there will be too many characters.
  • Cameron’s subplot felt unnatural and forced. The writers thought, “shit, we need to give Jennifer Morrison screen time” and gave her a subplot that would have worked far better with Wilson.
  • Why did House fire the old guy?!
  • And keep the blond girl?!

Worth Watching If

House is on new creative ground and is still trying to find its footing. It’s enjoyable to watch, but also frustrating. I’d advise you to stick round until the dust settles and we see where this journey takes us. But any show that can make a Bachelor reference and a Charlie’s Angels reference completely out of any romantic context is a keeper.

In Five Words

Yeah, She Saw Dead People.