The Office: Season 4, Episode 6

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A tv post by matt, posted on November 1, 2007 at 10:17 pm

Business trips have ruined me again! Spoilers for “Branch Wars” below.

Things that happened

In an episode that seemingly was inspired by an episode of Stella crossed with a bunch of terrible non-sequitur videos from, we catch up with Karen Filippelli, now branch manager at Utica. She’s still holding a bit of a grudge against Jim, and thus Scranton as a whole, so she’s decided she’s going to steal Stanley away. Michael thinks this is tantamount to a criminal act (robbing the office of its wacky black guy!) so he, Dwight, and a reluctant Jim don warehouse uniforms and fake mustaches and drive to Utica to play a prank and, thus, get revenge. It all goes terrible awry when Michael and Dwight get trapped behind an industrial copier.

Meanwhile, back at Scranton, Pam, Oscar and Toby have formed a club dedicated to the finer things in life. They sit around the lunch room wearing berets and discuss art and books while eating fancy food. Jim is a little miffed that he’s not allowed to join, as is Andy, who takes a run at it anyway.

Ultimately, it all comes together when, after Jim runs into Karen during the terribly ill-advised prank, Pam lets Jim join the club. Mostly out of pity. And then Jim doesn’t even bother to read Angela’s Ashes anyway.

Things that were good

  • More cracks on the Jim/Pam relationship. I realize that I still might be reading too much into this, but I’m officially predicting that they’re doomed to failure.
  • Michael’s last request to Jim: that he host the Dundies. It made me really want to watch that episode again. It was so good!

Things that were bad

  • Everything else! This was a bad episode.

Worth Watching If…

I don’t even know what to say about this one. It feels like something a wacky improv troupe would come up with. There was no consistency, no real character moments, and only a handful of lines that actually worked. It was a different kind of bad than the first few episodes of this season. Those episodes felt like everyone was trying too hard. This episode felt like they weren’t trying at all. What a waste.

In Five Words

Sleeping On The Job Again