The Most Important Moments in Comics for March 2007 matt

I’ve already covered the most resonant (and widely covered) moment in comics last month in some detail. The Death of Captain America is not something to take lightly, and certainly not something you wait until your end-of-the-month comic column to address. There were heady, salient issues surrounding the death of Steve Rogers (like, man, remember that time he punched Hitler?) that needed immediate focus.

So it’s in that regard that this month’s edition of Cheap viagra ireland The Most Important Moments in Comics is a bit, well, obvious. Sure, there’s a couple of unexpected moments, but with DC confining all its plot elements to one weekly series and Marvel devoting most of its resources to having their heroes walk around and look sad about poor ol’ Cap, neither company is giving me a whole lot to work with.

Still, though, what follows is a pretty good bunch of pages and panels that’ll tell you everything you buying ultram online legal need to know about the world of comics for March 2007.


The Most Important Moments in Comics for February 2007 matt

As indicated by my writing so far on this site, I have geeky love for a lot of things. Whether it be Nintendo, Aaron Sorkin or fleeting fame, I tend to let largely irrelevant things consume me to the point where I think about them obsessively.

But one of my greatest not-so-secret loves has gone largely unwritten about on this site: comic books.

I really love comic books. I love so much about them. I love the hipster intellectualism side, wherein I can argue for hours that heady independent books by Daniel Clowes and Chris Ware are indicative of a new kind of literature, largely untapped but with unlimited potential, representing a new kind of art that will rocket us into a second renaissance of pictures and words. And then I love the other side. The side with punching and flying. I love the spandex and the one-liners and the convoluted stories that spiral into one another and have done so for years and years and years.

In an effort to give my comic book habit the attention it deserves, I’m launching a new monthly feature wherein I will take a look each month at the moments in comic books I read that, for whatever reason, impacted me. They could be funny, sad, weird or just kind of pretty to look at. There’s absolutely no real logic behind these choices. They’re just the pages I liked the best.