A list of lies and untruths in Michael Moore’s Sicko matt

Michael Moore’s feature-length documentary films are synonymous with one thing: lies. Before Moore started making films, documentaries were always 100% factual. Except for maybe Triumph of the Will, of course. That one took some liberties. But regardless, one of the things the internet has proven itself good at — in addition to pornography and pictures of cats with writing on top of them — is debunking the ‘truth’ in Michael Moore’s movies.

As I recently saw an advanced screening of Michael Moore’s latest, Sicko, which purports to be an ‘attack’ on the American health insurance and health care system, I thought I would take the opportunity to take a first crack at revealing the lies, untruths, mistruths, fibs, omissions and biasedness inherent to this vaguely cinematic work.

Studio 60 Draft Scripts by Aaron Sorkin, The Days After matt

Where to buy viagra 2013 Aaron Sorkin is perhaps the only famous television writer. After dabbling in the movies with the screenplays to films like A Few Good Men and The American President, Sorkin found his true calling, and great success, on the smaller screen. Over the course of his career, he created the critically-acclaimed and often-mourned Sports Night, the critically-acclaimed, Emmy-winning and long-running West Wing and, most recently, the much-anticipated and fabulously-disappointing Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.

He has a very distinctive style of writing, with an emphasis on overarching messages, rapid-fire dialogue and similar character archetypes. He is often the subject of parody.