NCAA Men’s Final Four: Mini-Analysis erin

When one looks at the Final Four bracket, one can see it’s been a pretty uneventful year: two number one seeds (Florida and Ohio State) and two number 2 seeds (Georgetown and UCLA). In a sport where everyone loves an underdog, the seeds were pretty much bang on, and these teams all but coasted to the Final Four.

Still, the Final Four is one of the most exciting sporting events in North America. College basketball has exploded, and the skill level and excitement level found at these games is unprecedented. Besides, what other collegiate sport has Facebook appropriating a community-wide tool for betting on the national championship? Florida State even has a class called the Final Four Experience. What do they do? Go to the Final Four for course credit! Jealous? You bet I am!

This is my first year in five years with cable, and I have loved every minute of it. (Not just for the cheesy reality shows either!) I’ve been rusty on the analysis, but here is my–brief– take on what is going to go down this in this year’s Final Four: